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Initial Call to Final Prayer

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Believers busy themselves in proper arrangement upon hearing the call to prayer. Whether washing impurities with ablution, or closing work and shop, we rid ourselves of the temporary world when establishing a meeting with our Creator. Similarly, a new-born is welcomed with Adhan and a beloved is sent off with Salat. Our story lies here, between Adhan and Salat, so preparation and intentions are crucial. 

To assist our preparation, certain verses and traditions guideline how to prevail in this transient life. Allah spoke with Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), "O Jesus, spend your times with mentioning Me with words and situate the fondness of Me in your heart." (Tuhaf al-Uqul) Allah provided specific instructions for the short time in this world. With consistency and devotion, we must fill our hearts with the love of Allah. Once the love of the Most Exalted saturates a heart, any attachment to this world will automatically disappear.

Believers stand in congregation, feet to feet, shoulder to shoulder, as equals, united. Prayer is a pillar of faith, and the caller of prayer receives the highest reward amongst the crowd, because they urge believers to "Hurry to worship, Hurry to success, Hurry to the best of deeds." Those who invite us towards the worship of our creator are acting upon the following command, "Say: 'If you love Allah, then follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your faults, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.'" (3:31) These people surround us. They invite us to good and forbid us from evil. They are devout servants of their creator and lead with example.

What is a congregation without the person who motivates everyone to worship? The prayer hall seems empty. Those who inspire us to strive on the right path leave us with an aching feeling when they pass away. As I gave Ghusl to the body of Amjad uncle, a simple and humble lover of Allah, my heart was overflowing with sorrow. I was preparing Syed Amjad Ali, son of Syed Ameer Ali, for his final prayer. A God-fearing individual, whose physical health deteriorated while his spiritual health grew until his last moments. I am comforted by reminding myself that those who live for Allah have a pleasant stay in the grave. So, we prepared his white garment and placed him in his coffin with a final du'a. Syed Amjad Ali was ready for his final prayer. 

Author of this article: Yahya Naqvi
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