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What Do You Mean "No Music"?

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How halal are our weddings?Whether it's the music, the attire, or the atmosphere, the answer can be found by referring to the books of jurisprudence and applying the appropriate ruling to each individual situation.

A Peacebuilding Tool for Muslims: Hajj

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ImageThe Hajj is a prominent example of a peace-building tool that Muslims can utilize. Hajj is the required pilgrimage that all able Muslims must make at least once in their life. While it promotes exercising the inner consciousness, it does so in partnership with the masses.

The Daughter of the Prophet of Islam

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Calligraphy of 'Ya Zahraa'Throughout her short life, she endured extreme poverty for the sake of Islam. She did not have nice clothes, home furnishings or jewelry. Her garment was worn and patchy. On the day of her wedding, she had a new garment but learned that a lady had no garment to wear and thus could not leave her house, so she gave it away to her.

Shirk, Shirk, Shirk!

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Calligraphy of 'Ya Ali'At the holy sites of Islam, on satellite television, and, even more notoriously, on websites like YouTube, the above statements may remind the reader of numerous attacks that are launched against the followers of Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them). In Chapter Seven of Adl al-Ilahi (Divine Justice) by Martyr Murtadha Mutahhari, the topic of Shafa'at (intercession) is discussed in detail. Martyr Mutahhari mentions two ways that intercession can be understood: one which is denied by verses from the Holy Qur'an, and another which is supported by verses from the Holy Qur'an.

Reaching Perfection: an Islamic Perspective

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Shrine of the Infallible Imam Hussein [as]Good moral conduct is the basic strategy for reaching perfection. That is, once we have established our definition of perfection based on the knowledge of the human creation and its Creator, then we can accept the standards for ethics and expected conduct.

The Light Which Descends Through Her

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Calligraphy of the Name of Lady ZahraWhen one pays close attention to the words of Lady Zahra in this legendary speech, it becomes clear that she emphasizes on the voice of reason and the clear words of Allah in the Holy Qur'an.

I Can Do Anything Better Than You

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ArroganceHow many times have we made sure we sat in the front row as to make sure we are seen? Or how about arguing till our brains melt because I must be right and I will stay in the center until the lights in the hallway turn off and the gate is halfway closed to prove that I am.

Happy Graduation!

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Graduation!How should we consider our accomplishments? In this society, we often take much more credit for what we do than we deserve. With every passing day, I realize more that we owe our successes to Allah. For example, while I studied to get the grades I did and chose to take the challenging classes that I did, I could have been made unable to understand the lessons, or unable to complete the assignments.

The Lady Who Was Buried In Secret

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Artists Depiction of Attack on the House of Imam Ali [as]Although Lady Fatima survived the tragic events, the physical and emotional wounds led to her martyrdom shortly thereafter. Before she died, she asked Imam Ali to not allow her oppressors to participate in her funeral. She was buried in a secret location at night by Imam Ali.

Lady Zainab - Savior of Islam

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Shrine of Lady Zainab in DamascusLady Zainab is famous for her patience during the tragedy of Ashura. She watched her two sons, Aun and Muhammad, get butchered before her eyes on the day of Ashura. She also witnessed the brutal mutilation and slaughter of her brother Imam Hussain.

Usury and How to Avoid It

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ImageTake a few moments to ponder your family's monthly bills, or those of a typical family. Today, many Muslims are paying interest – on house loans, car loans, school loans, and credit cards. Interest does more than increase the total amount you pay and how long you pay.