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Repentance: Revival of the Soul

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The door to repentance is always openRepentance is not a verbal statement, rather it is an internal revolution. It is a psychological and spiritual state, a revolution of the mind. It emanates in the heart of the sinner with a deep feeling of loss and sorrow. This internal revolution brings about a return to the right path with a resolve not to commit the same sin again.

Striving for Perfection

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Are we choosing the best, or settling for less?

We often hear that we must choose between good and bad, between right and wrong. Yet if we open our minds and begin to think critically before we act, we will realize a better judgment is made when we make our options such that the choice is between good and best. For when we choose good over best, our soul feels no need to progress, always remaining content with its current state and forgoing that which will lead it closer to the state of perfection. Should we settle for that? Choosing the best over the good will certainly require ourselves to struggle more, yet the benefits of going above and beyond the bare minimum required of us in order to attain Allah's nearness we cannot even begin to imagine.

Effective Prayer: Inside-Out Approach

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Perfecting our prayersSatan is constantly hard at work. When we offer our Salat, we are so preoccupied with the tasks we need to plan for the remaining part of the day, urgent emails we need to send right after the Salat and our personal problems with friends or family. We then ask for all the worldly things from Allah, believing ourselves to be most deserving of them. Yet during Salat, when did we remember to thank Allah for His bounties or ask Him for forgiveness?

Corruption: the Source of Inequality and Exploitation

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An Islamic perspective In a letter to a provincial commissioner, the Imam demanded detailed accounts and advised him to remember Allah: "I have been given to understand that you have taken possession of State-lands and that you have not only brought them under personal use but you have misappropriated State treasury also. Will you immediately send the detailed accounts (about both the items)? Remember that the reckoning of Allah is far more severe than any audit which man can carry out. " (Letter 40)

Why Do We Cry?

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Crying in an act of believers.A question that is often asked each year is: why should we cry over something that happened over 1400 years ago? We are also faced with claims that crying for the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam is bid'a (innovation). However, numerous hadith clearly show us that there is in fact nothing wrong in crying for Imam Hussain, which are narrated in the very books of those who claim it to be bid'a.

The Pledge of Ashura

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Labbaik Ya Hussain!

Oh Shias of Hussain! Know that on this day, the one who is the most intensely aggrieved is the Imam of Our Time. On the day of Ashura, what will you communicate to your Master and your Leader of the time? What vow(s) will you make to the "Avenger of the Martyred Ones in Karbala"? How will you yearn to assist him in his much awaited revolution?

Karbala: the True Hajj

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Shrine of Imam Hussain [as]If we recognize the essence of Hajj as being intertwined with the tragedy of Karbala, we can then understand why Allah's mercy encompasses the pilgrims visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussain on the day of Arafah, even before the pilgrims of Hajj! We will then understand why a special Ziyarat is to be recited for Imam Hussain on the day of Arafah, which is one of the most important deeds that one can do. We will then realize that it is not a coincidence that one of the key recommended deeds to be performed on the day of Arafah is to recite the special beautiful supplication of Imam Hussain for the day of Arafah, which speaks volumes of the level of Irfan and wisdom which Imam Hussain possesses as he summarizes to us in concise words the fundamentals of Tawheed.

Miracles by the Moment

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Quranic verses began to appear on the body of the baby.

Of course, were it to ever really happen that a baby has a resemblance to Qur'anic verses on their skin, or were any other uncommon, mysterious event to happen, we admit that it is all part of Allah's plan – and the mystery can bring about a humbleness to the awesome power and majesty of Allah. But with a number of instances, there is an explanation that we can understand at some depth at a later date.

Disconnected Connections

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DisjointedI was wandering through the school library the other day and, without fully realizing it, I began to count how many computer screens were scrolling through pictures on social networking sites.

Renewing our Pledge to the Ameer of Ghadeer

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True love for the Ahlul Bayt - what does it require of us?Our renewal of allegiance will be of greater value if it is accompanied by ma'refat (recognition) of this great holy personality of Ali and his high status which he enjoys in Allah's eyes. Of course, we humans with our limited capacity can never encompass the multitude of virtues which he possesses; however, it suffices for us to know that even though his enemies and adversaries have all tried their best to conceal his great qualities, caliber, and merit, today we still find an ocean of virtues related to Amirul Momineen that makes him the best of creation after the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

Always be Mindful

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Every act can be made an act of worship.Not counting recommended actions, we pray about a total of an hour a day, fast only one month of the year and go to Hajj once in our life. Where is our remembrance the rest of the time?