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The Message of Ramadan and Eid

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Sayyid Muhammad RizviPeople always think of Eid as the basis of unity. To some extent that may be true, but the question comes: unity for what? The unity in doing Eid prayers together, and that's it? No, my brothers and sisters, this is not the basis of unity. So what should be the basis of unity? The answer lies in the fasting of Ramadan and in Eid al-Fitr itself.

Prerequisites for Understanding the Qur'an

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Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi TehraniThe content of the Qur'an is far from the decadence of the Age of Ignorance. It does not speak of lustful desire or power mongering and pillaging. Rather the Qur'an has provided guidance to man from the time it was revealed until now, and will continue to do so until the Day of Judgment. It leads him to the epitome of humanity and everlasting felicity. It leads him to the gnosis and benefaction that lead to the perfection of the soul. It warns him of the lethal danger of saturating one's base desires in worldly pleasures.

Utilizing the Opportunity of the Month of Ramadan

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Shaikh Muhammad Khalfan

The insightful scholars believe that fasting detaches one from the realm of matter and attaches one to the realm of spirit. If our dining tables encourage variety of foods when breaking our fasts, we would always remain distant from the aspired aim of "detachment from the material world". However, it should be remembered that between detachment (Zuhd) and abandonment (Tark), there is a great difference. Whereas the former does not encourage one to abandon food but to regulate one's intake, the latter encourages one to refrain from food.

Ayatollah Mutahhari's Critique of Modernity

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Hajj Muhammad LegenhausenThe problem of modernity as seen by Martyr Ayatollah Murtadha Mutahhari in the period leading up to the Islamic Revolution in Iran may be understood by considering his reactions to the threat of Marxism, as well as his explicitly stated views regarding modernity. His attitude towards modernity is often expressed in his complex reaction to Marxism.

Spiritual Migration: Part II

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Shaikh Saleem BhimjiIndeed, there is a need for a physical change around us in order to allow and enhance inner change. When we are determined to stop an act of transgression against God, such as listening to the impermissible forms of music, it is not enough to simply stop – rather, we must break the CDs, delete the MP3s and format the hard drive if need be.

Spiritual Migration

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Those who live opulent lifestyles feel the urge to constantly update their cars, ensuring that they always have the latest model of BMW or Mercedes in their driveway. While we indulge in such obsessive devotions of the flesh, we must also realize that we must also increase and strengthen our connectivity with God – and that too, in "new" and "innovative" ways!

The Spiritual Dimension of Marriage

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The traditions have left no doubt that "marriage" is transformation to a higher level of humanity or an ascension of the two individual getting married. Indeed, this is why we see the Prophet stating that the prayers of a married person are multiplied 70 times than the unmarried.

Dangers of the Tongue

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The sins of the tongue are unfortunately not highly detested in the sight of the people, and when this occurs, the danger and hazard of performing them also increases.

Remembering Lady Zainab in the Heavens

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The remembrance of her sacrifice and patience occurs among the residents of God's heavens, the celestial beings, and the near angels as well. The bravery and determination of the daughter of the Commander of the Faithful has left even the heavenly angels in awe.

The Godsend of American Hostility

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Most of these moves by the US have had the direct or indirect result of strengthening the Islamic Republic politically, militarily, and technologically, making Iran more self-reliant and self-confident than ever before in almost every conceivable aspect.

Each One, Teach One

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As Muslims, we are reminded to be continuous and conscious educators of the faith of Islam in every instance of our lives – at work, school, in the malls, parks, etc., keeping in mind that this role as an active educator also entails a subtle 'invitation' to the faith of Islam through our conduct.