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Jinns: Some Commonly-Asked Questions

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Sayyid Abul Qasim RizviHow long do the Jinns live and where do they live? When Allah ordered angels to prostrate before Adam (peace be upon him), Iblees, who was among the Jinn, disobeyed. Considering this, Iblees is the oldest living Jinn who got the permission to influence people till the Day of Judgment. Normally, like humans, Jinns do not have a stable life period. Some of them live long, and some of them live short lives.

Conversation with a Hindu Convert to Islam

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Shaikh Vinay Khetia

A heartfelt discussion with Shaikh Vinay Khetia about finding the path of Islam as taught by the Holy AhlulBayt [as].

Our Responsibilities before Imam Mahdi

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Ayatollah Makarem ShiraziIf there is bribery and usury in the management [of society], underselling, scams, and bad Hijab, preparations cannot be made with these contaminations. Awaiting means to fight against these contaminations. We must do what will bring about the seed of this revolution and righteous servants of God who are the inheritors of the earth

Brotherhood, Courage, and Loyalty in Abbas bin Ali

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Sayyid Muhammad RizviThe devotion of Abbas to Hussain was not just on the physical level; it was also based on the spiritual level. This is reflected in his statement to Shimr bin Dhil Jawshan. Shimr, one of commanders of the Yazidi forces, was related to Abbas through his mother who was from the Kilabiyya tribe (while Hussain's mother was the daughter of the Prophet). Shimr had come to Karbala with an amaan, assurance of protection or amnesty signed by Iraq's governor, for Abbas and his three full brothers. When Shimr presented that amnesty to Abbas, Abbas responded by saying: "May God curse you and your amnesty. You give assurance of protection to us, but the son of the Prophet's daughter has no amnesty!"

Human Sweetness

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Shaikh Muhammad Khalfan

In the same way that the Chief of the Believers says that some parts of the Qur'an explain others, the words of the Ahlul Bayt, which are commentaries of Allah's Book, likewise are explained with the help of their other statements.

Imam Ali: Whose Imam Is He?

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Shaikh Mansour Leghaei

This discussion aims at introducing some of the main characteristics of Imam Ali. As we will see after the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him and his progeny), he enjoyed the highest of those virtues, and hence he is indeed the Imam and the unique leading figure of those personalities. He is on the high peak of the Right Path and is the Imam and leader only of those who are on the same path, even on a very low level. Only those who look at the lifestyle of Imam Ali and attempt at getting closer to him in practice can really and truly claim that they regard him as their Imam.

The Reality of Sin

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Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi TehraniIn the narrations related from the Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them), material attachments and sins are described as snares of Satan. That is, sins are traps with which Satan hunts human beings and ropes with which he enthralls them. Of course these ropes are multitudinous, colorful, and come in different sizes. Satan lures every person in a special way. Some he entraps with wealth, some with positions of power, and others by exploiting their sexual drive.

Lady Fatima and the Night of Divine Decrees

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Ayatollah Nasir Makarem ShiraziWe know that Qur'anic verses have a literal meaning and a figurative meaning, and many interpretations. Without a doubt, the literal interpretation of the chapter of Qadr tells of the night in which the Holy Qur'an was descended upon the pure heart of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), and in which the divine decrees (destinies) of human beings are ascertained for a year, according to Divine Wisdom.

Spiritual Aroma Yet to Be Discovered

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Shaikh Muhammad KhalfanPerhaps by stating that a woman is an aromatic plant, Imam Ali wanted to teach us that if she really assumes the role of a woman as guided by the Divine law and path, her entire being would constantly emanate sweet fragrance and she would actually be a Rayhana (an aromatic plant).

A Warning to King Abdullah

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Ayatollah Saafi Gulpaygani

It is painful for the awake and aware Muslims to see that policies based on one particular sect's beliefs have been established in the Two Holy Sites and that the vast Muslim world is still treated with those crude, stone-age policies. It's a shame that the political situation of Islamic countries and the keeper of the Two Holy Sites are influenced by the west and America.

Accepting Reality

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Ayatollah Jafar SubhaniThe Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) used to assess the enemies and their power before waging a war against the polytheists and idol-worshippers. He used to gather relevant information before starting a campaign. The facts were sometimes unpleasant too, but he never considered the strength of the enemy insignificant or worth ignoring. He never deceived himself or the Muslims through wishful thinking by saying, for instance, that we will finish the enemy with a single assault or will push them into the sea instantly.