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Boycott List for God-Conscious Consumers

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Don't buy your brother's bloodDue to their labor standards, environmentally destructive policies and human rights records, we must refrain as much as possible from supporting these brands and companies with our dollars.

As Baghdad Burns

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Nothing really changesThe leak led to a fierce political debate in the elite circles of Baghdad. However, the Iraqis didn't show much reaction. What we are calling "revelation" has been the way of life for most Iraqis for the past seven years. Not knowing whether today (let alone tomorrow) when a son who steps out of the house to buy bread will return or be shot by a soldier who did it just for fun is a reality Iraqis are grappling with even after this leak.

Time Is on Our Side

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But how well do we use it?Time is a precious and limited commodity which should be used in the best way possible. In this day and age, there are many ways to spend free time: with cell phones, magazines, sports, Facebook, real books, and video games being just a few of the things many people choose to fill their time with.

Six Islamophobes Who Could Become Elected Officials Tomorrow

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Tom TancredoThe 2010 midterm elections are today, and promise to be tightly contested between Democrats and Republicans. Many politicians are trying to win elections with rhetoric against Muslims, using issues like the Park 51 Islamic Center (commonly referred to as the 'Ground Zero Mosque') to grab more votes.  Here are six of the worst candidates.

San Jose State MSA Speaks Out Against "Educator"

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Never stay silent in the face of falsehood!Having taken extensive notes and recorded this lecture, I found that Esman not only portrayed Muslims as un-educated and as anti-Semitic towards Jews, but she also blamed the Muslims for spreading anti-American sentiments in Muslim countries. Esman had also painted Muslims as physically abusive towards their spouses, and she portrayed Muslim families – women in particular – as oppressive, causing their children to flee from them.

More Like Insanity: Another Perspective

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Restoring sanity or reinforcing apathy?The skewed presentation of the problems of American society and the world at large were either naively simplistic or strategically stupid for an apathetic audience. Do you really think that "talking" to each other is going to fix every problem? You compared cooperation on a worldwide scale to the ability to successfully merge traffic. Seriously? That's your attempt at a profound metaphor for the world's problems?

God-Conscious Consumers

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The responsibility of maintaining a just society lies upon us all.If we are aware that a company's practices conflict with justice, then we must make a conscious effort to administer fair dealing and avoid their products. Muslims are accountable before God regarding the steps they take – be it individual or collective – in order to change society for the better, and if this means spending several more dollars so as to not support child labor, it is a small sacrifice.

Pakistan: the New War Front

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House in northern Pakistan destroyed by a US drone attackThings are great in Pakistan: the government is complacent, the army is quiet, and the US is pleased. The CIA, once a mere intelligence gathering institution, has now evolved into a policy-making tool of the government, and it is ecstatic with the way things have gone.

Think Outside the Bylaws

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Bringing people into the communityWhen we see our centers, organizations, and groups getting sidetracked, getting very detailed and specific in their ways, we need to take a step back and make sure that we are not losing sight of the end goal. We need to make sure that we are not leaving people out or benefiting only a certain race, culture group, or sect. If we believe that Islam and its teachings are for all of humankind, then we need to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Pakistan's Impending Food Crisis

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Empowering internal farm owners is what Pakistan needs.Nearly 20 million people have been directly affected, most of whom are from the rural agricultural areas and depend on agriculture to meet their food and income needs. A great number of them have been uprooted from their lands, with their household assets, investments in farm tools and animals, and food stocks all destroyed by the floods.

A Nobel Peace Prize for Cultural Self-Hatred

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A politicized decision?In Liu's world view, Western values are perfection, while China is hopelessly backward. Everything Chinese must be broken down. Only through demolition can the quintessential human spirit be rescued and elevated.