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Deciding on a Palm

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ImageWith the technologically inclined environment, which phone is the best for you? We will be taking a detailed look at the three major types of the Palm PDA.

Treating Your Sick Computer

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ImageMy computer takes forever to start up. Every time I get on Internet Explorer or Firefox, I get a ton of pop-ups. Random windows open up all the time. Sometimes my programs will close out unexpectedly. Help!

Windows Mobile vs. Palm

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ImageThe PDA is a perfect way to assist you in keeping your day organized. From attending a basketball game to business meetings, the calendar feature ensures that you are always aware of what is needed of you at all times. The ability to synchronize with your computer ensures there is a consistent back up of your files from the PDA.

ShiaTV vs. YouTube and Others

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Youtube vs. ShiaTVShiaTV is a website that caters to a variety of audiences, young and old. Every video on the site I have viewed is educational and Islamic. I wouldn't worry about children using the site; in fact, perhaps this site could be integrated into classroom activities in Islamic schools, considering the wealth of resources available.