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Student Life

Straight A Students

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Are we putting too much pressure on our children?Education is not to be defined by a letter grade system. Teaching is a strategic task in which the audience must be known, and assessing the students can be done in many different ways than tests and exams.

Redefining the Significance of Education

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Read, in the name of thy Lord.Seeing the snapshots of a hungry child, or an orphan girl, or a boy of eight years selling snacks in the streets really is truly heartbreaking, but one must act now to end all these evils permanently. Pitying and charity, of course, are not the permanent solutions.

Financial Advice for College Grads

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Don't take on unnecessary expenses when you already have crushing student loans!For all the focus on money and products in this capitalistic society, it is curious that basic financial advice is not really emphasized in high school or universities. Sure, those people who are interested in it will find the information, but not everyone is eager to read about financial management. This information should be presented and readily available for all in order to prevent the major financial hardships that are all too common nowadays, such as high credit card debt, home foreclosure, and bankruptcy. There are many different financial situations college students can find them in. Some students can be up to their ears in student debt after completing a professional school. Some could have no debt because of a scholarship or outside help.

Zero-Tolerance Policy Creates School-to-Prison Pipeline

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School safety should be achieved through positive meansSchools across the nation are increasingly adopting punitive measures as a way to control and deter violence and other disruptive behaviors. These "zero-tolerance" policies can encompass anything from metal detectors to increased police presence on school campuses to the handing out of expulsions and suspensions. But a rising tide of voices say that zero-tolerance policies are ineffective, and in fact only succeed in making matters worse by creating a "school and prison pipeline."

Paying Your Way Through College

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Higher education has become increasingly expensive in recent times.Unlike almost all other forms of debt, for student loans there is no statute of limitations on collections, and protections such as the Truth in Lending Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the right to refinance and adherence to state usury laws do not apply. Furthermore, student loans have the harshest collection methods allowed by law, including wage garnishment without a court order, suspension of state profession licenses like medical and teaching licenses, garnishment of social security and disability income, and withholding of IRS tax refunds.

Road to Success: Setting Goals

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SMART enough to set SMART goals?

We are all trying to achieve greatness and push our personal limits in all fields of life. We always strive to be the best we can in school, work, family life, spirituality, sports and many other aspects of life. Yet in order to be the best in all these phases of life, it is imperative to set goals along the way. This is the practice of the top performers in any field and is the best way to spend our time in order to reach our destination.  The great basketball player Larry Bird has said, "A winner is someone who recognizes his God- given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals."

Islamic Groups on Campus: Dos and Don'ts

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Display about Ashura at a Toronto university

Islam is already misunderstood in the west. It doesn't help our cause when we all huddle around each other at events like lost children. Think about the message we are giving across to potential members, both Muslims and Non-Muslims about the organization. When everyone acts like one big clique, it doesn't invite nor encourage many people to join your organization or even approach you with a question.

Back to School and Fasting

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Many MSAs host on-campus Iftars for students.Many students are already heading back to school for the fall semester, or will be shortly, and will find this year that the new school year coincides with the beginning of the month of Ramadan. Below are some suggestions to ease the transition and help you make the most of it:

Lessons We Learn in College

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Naptime is anytime!Some of the best lessons we may have obtained while completing our undergraduate degree (remember, the best lessons in life are those learned outside of the classroom).

Muslims and Academic Deception

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Unfortunately, many among us have no qualms falsifying excuses to our professors and teachers about why we missed class or didn't do our homework. This is lying and definitely not allowed Islamically and ethically.

Standardized Testing Tips

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How to ace?You may have heard that if you must guess, you should guess "C". In truth, it really shouldn't matter which letter you guess, because the occurrence of each letter as an answer choice has been randomized. If you have an inclination toward a particular answer, go for it! However, on a teacher-written test, the adage to guess "C" may indeed be true.