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The Ultimate Beloved

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Yearning for Him








You have decided

To share with me the 'hidden secret'

In a journey full with love and hatred

Aiming to none other but The Ultimate Beloved.


In order to...

Start this long and difficult journey

And to ensure one's security and safety,

Detachment from this temporary world is necessary

To cast all fear, greed, jealousy and enmity.



The heart is clean and pure

Then the heart starts to ponder and reflect

on Allah's infinite mercy, The Ultimate Cure

That sufferings would be over, and everything would be perfect!



One learn to put his trust in his Lord

Entrusts his affairs to none but God

Then his company would be the angel

Aspiring, and whispering like a loving mother camel

saying, "Remember Me, I will remember you",

"Remember Allah much, you would be successful!"



One submits to the Truth, and becomes one of the truthful

His efforts would be worthwhile and fruitful

Like a heavenly bird... flying high

Reaching the heaven... surpassing the sky.



The heart is heedless, full of veil

One loses the inner sight…

Failing to perceive all the countless signs,

Life then serves as wines… lost its purpose!



To the world

It's nothing but a temporary abode

A true promise from The Creator

That His ultimate reward would last forever.



That the hearts attach to Him

Desire none but Him

Then it is a sign that a soul is ready

To depart the world... ready to leave.

Author of this article: Redha
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