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The Tragedy

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Tragedy for all of mankindCome, come, sit with me -
Let me tell you of an awful tragedy.
Our Prophet cries because of this bloody history -
Shall we not bother and just sit idly?

Whether we are Shi'i or Sunni,
Let me ask you, is it wrong to love the Prophet's family?
Say: "I'm a Muslim, I dislike disunity."
Say the truth, tell everyone about this bloody history.

10th of Muharram...

...indeed has filled the page of history...
...with a dark, bloody, painful tragedy
in a place called Karbala, a barren land...
...the blood of Hussain, flows within its sand...

72 people versus an army of tens of thousands of well-equipped soldiers…?
Against none other but the Holy Prophet's family members...?
Like a lamb surrounded by numerous evil foxes,
Thirsty to shed its blood, while ignoring Divine curse.

Oh, what's wrong with us
That we neglect our Prophet's sadness -
Have we lost our sense of humanity
That we no longer have a sense of sympathy? (at least!)

O Hussain,

Our apology that the eyes no longer shed tears,
Our apology that the hearts no longer bleed -
While you were wounded with swords, arrows, and spears
We just concluded that it was but Allah's decree…

Have the hearts turn into a hard-core stone
That we no longer lament on Husain who died alone...?
Along with his few companions and family members,
He stood firm defending the truth, to never surrender.

Let the events of Karbala bring precious unity,
Especially between our dear brothers, Shia or Sunni.
The tragedy of Karbala indeed, is a tragedy of humanity:
A bloody struggle to preserve Islam, the source of ultimate security.

A reminder to stand together against oppression and injustice,
A reminder to promote the message of truth, justice and peace...
The issue of Karbala belongs to all Muslims and the rest of humanity.
The issue of Karbala will always be a light, illuminating the soul continuously...

Author of this article: Redha
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