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Sands of Time

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Pondering upon His MercyI feel no fear of Hell
Only the deep loss of Your love
I feel no worry of pain
But my heart is restless with agony over the thought of parting from You

The earth shakes and trembles in awe of Your might
I shake and tremble at the fear of Your displeasure

At the thought You may turn away from me
At the knowledge that I have so far to travel to yet draw closer to You
At the thought that I have not done my best

My desires have led me astray
My sins will keep me from Your light
That I long to be close to each day

My tears flow incessantly knowing that I will not be able to touch my head to the ground
To feel Your mercy flow through me once I lie in my grave
That my chance will be lost to glorify You
That my time will have run out to be a humble servant of Your will

The angels shiver with knowledge
That Israfeel will blow his trumpet one day
I shiver knowing I am unable to take my next breath
If in Your mercy and blessing I was not enveloped every day

That in You is my life and my existence
That I would be so far astray
If it wasn't for Your light of love shining
To guide me through the darkness on my way

That Shaytan's tricks are crafty and wicked
That my soul is weak and seeks temporal joy
That my will to surmount my desires
Is tested each second on this Earth as I toil

Death calls to me with each breath I take
My grave beacons, wind blowing sand upon my brow
Shaytan on one hand tugging for my soul
On the other a promise of eternal nearness to You.

Author of this article: Masuma Kermalli Virji
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