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Place to Place

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Yahya NaqviI am constantly lost through entropy
God says "Surely, man is in loss"
But nobody ever thought to see
This soul, spirit, chi, my energy
Matter formed, headed in disarray back to Thee

And look, I'm tellin' ya
Won't be part of your neuro linguistic formula
I can't be hypnotized by your melody
Play as loud as you want those binary beats

I'll spit the propaganda roufie back in your face
I refuse to take part in your rigged rat race
I've fallen in love with the universe, God's autograph
Such elegance, such harmony in this universe so vast

Through the lies and deceit I haven't lost hope
You see...cartilage from knees is tougher than nylon rope
It lets the bones slide past like a well oiled machine
The heart's eyes provide similar spiritual flexibility for me
When doubts clog the way they help me slide by with ease

From the diversity of plant life
To a Dolphin and Bats sonar sight
From the ice caps of Europa and Mars far away
To the majestic sunrise I witness everyday

If one were to pay attention to the emblems of Your essence
The heart would sink in love as it comprehends Your presence
No more it would be lost, or gone to waste
It would just be traveling from place to place



Author of this article: Yahya Naqvi
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