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I Close My Eyes

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A brand new night





As I close my eyes
My pencil melts
My paper steams
And the sun shines bright
On this cloudless day

I'm walking through memory lane
I'm meeting with you once again

I'm walking through my troubled past
I'm taking care of things at last

Trying to figure through the smoke screen
What really happened back in between

I close my eyes
See that face
Embarrassment one can't erase
Betraying friend one can't embrace

I close my eyes
Feel that scar
Moments feeling that's so bizarre
My hand still reaching for the stars

I'm walking through my bygone street
I'm facing the fears that I fleet

I'm walking through my foregone tale
I'm watching it all flash by in detail

Trying to figure through the blurry vision
My short coming decisions in full precision

As I open my eyes
My pencils steady
My papers ready
And the moon shines light
On a brand new night

Author of this article: Yahya Naqvi
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