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How Can I Walk Away?

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How can I leave my Imam alone with enemies?








Assalaamu Alaikya Ya Aba Abdillah...

How can I walk away from a chance like this?
How can I reject guaranteed eternal bliss?

Out of love you have given us a choice to leave
And out of love for you, my Imam, I give you my life, guaranteed.

Even though some think that life is too precious
I know in my heart that death in the way of Allah has rewards that are endless

Shaytaan around me is calling my name
Trying to give me this world of money and fame

But I stand here today oh my beloved, and I have never felt this much joy
To know that I am dying amongst you, the grandson of my dear Rasool

And no matter how hard it may be to leave everything I have,
You and your family have reassured me that dying for the sake of Islam is the most exalted act

Oh dear Imam, how can you ask me to even think of leaving? How can you think that I will put my own life before yours? How can you think that I will allow you and your blessed family to be left alone, with no support?

How would I be able to live with myself knowing that your 6 month old mujahid, answered your call of Hal min nasirin yan suruna, and I did not?

How would I feel knowing that I allowed the cursed enemies to unjustly kill you and your blessed youth, Ali Akbar, Qasim, Aun, and Muhammad… and I would still be alive?

How would I be able to go on with my everyday knowing that I left without standing up for the grandson of my Dear Holy Prophet?

Oh my Imam this is the purpose of my life, which is indebted to you and your family: to fight for what is right, to never submit to anyone but Allah, to ignore the calls of evil, to help the oppressed, to confront the enemies of my religion with my head held high, because I know whole heartedly that Surely the party of Allah is victorious. And you, my Imam are the epitome of the party of Allah…

Dear Imam, Shaytaan is all around me, but your words, your actions, your character, and your love has overcome every evil whisper in the world. You have assured me that I am not dying, verily I will be alive, but those who are too selfish will not perceive it...

I am here tonight, and I will not budge. Tonight I reassure you O my Imam, that no matter what is going on in my life, no matter how important some may think this world is, nothing can cause me to leave your side, because it is my sole wish that I die knowing that I did all I could to keep the spirit of Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) alive...

Author of this article: Madiha Zaidi
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