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His Return

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His Return











He will come
And bring justice to the unjust world,
And seek revenge for all the oppressed,
And for Hussain's blood.
On his flag:
"Ya Litharatil Hussain".

I want to see...
When the "first" and the "second",
Are brought back to life,

I want to see,
When he asks them about the fire,
The door,
And his mother,
"Bi ayyeh dhanben qotelat?"
"For which sin was she killed?"

I want to see his men,
Strong with "foundations of lead",
Fighting in "organized lines",
The fear of whom
Moves faster than they themselves.
They will surround him
And protect him with their lives,
Just like with Hussain
When he was in Salaat.

And I want to see justice,

I want to see my Prophet,
My Imams.
I want to see him,
His beautiful face,
And his beautiful smile.


Author of this article: Ali Husayni
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