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They Say It Doesn't Matter

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How can some support the wrong when the right is so clear to them? What excuses are used to justify blatant misguidance? There are those who choose to ignore fact and faith in order to follow blind traditions...

Come Friend

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We don't know for how long we have our friends and family with us. It certainly won't be forever. Let us commit to enjoying and making the most of what little time we have with each other.

Youth Rhymes With Truth

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How will we prioritize our life? Will we choose what is right, or will we be traveling on the wrong bus in the direction of Hell’s blazing fires?

You That I Seek

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Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib on the spirit that seems to diminish from the Holy Month of Ramadan.


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Shaikh Ali delivers a profound rhymed refraction from the light of the first sermon of Nahj al-Balagha.

The End Is Near

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The end of the Holy Month of Ramadan is quickly approaching and we all wonder if we're going to lose our positive changes with it. Or, can we maintain the Ramadan spirit and improvements even after we bid the Month farewell?

The Ramadan Ascent

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Shaikh Ali Abu Talib delivers a powerful poem on the Night of Power, the beginning of revelation, and the Holy Prophet's task to proclaim the Truth.


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What inspires us to fast? In honor of those who are hungry, poverty stricken, and living in fear we fast. Brother Yahya Naqvi is back with some powerful verses about the philosophy and moral rationale behind fasting.

She Still Smiles

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GraveHeartbreaking verses about a woman's struggle and optimism in the fight of her life.

Love Story

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Yahya NaqviYahya Naqvi with some beautiful verses about the extraordinary tale of one boy's love.