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To Drape or Not? That Is the Question

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You're standing in front of the mirror Monday morning, adjusting your scarf and pinning it just so. But have you made sure that your chest is covered properly over your top?

"It's a guy's responsibility to look away, what's the deal?" some might protest. "I don't want to look like my grandma! I'm young and want to have fun!"

Keep in mind, however, the Qur'an is very clear about how a woman must cover her chest. More details are available online.

You can still be creative in your style as long as you keep the goal of Hijab in mind. Maybe none of your friends drape, but we all know that just because hardly anyone follows a rule doesn't mean the rule isn't out there. With the cool-looking affordable Hijabs and pins available now in North America and Europe, there's no excuse left to not drape.

The chest can be covered by draping a scarf or shawl over it, and you can even use a thick sporty vest over your shirt in wintertime. The video below suggests some ways to pin a scarf so that it covers the chest, and the tips can be adapted for rectangular scarves too:

Author of this article: Aliyyah Rizvi-Bokhari
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