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Say Salam to Summer Style!

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Summer FashionWe all know how hard it is to find the correct scarf to match that oh-so-perfect outfit. Well, I have learned – mostly due to the fact we have 0 to 2 Hijabi stores in Denver – to shop at stores that surprisingly are catering to the Hijabis out there. Bakers, known most commonly as a shoe store, actually sells rectangular scarves (shellas), that are quite comfortable to wear on. I went into their store a couple of weeks ago, and winter scarves that were being sold for 20 dollars were actually slashed down to $4.99 – a real steal!

Recently, I also came across fabulous light summery scarves at American Eagle, Ross, TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and Target. The best thing about these scarves was that, most importantly, they were cheap (prices ranged from $5.99-$14.99), they stayed on comfortably, and the material of these scarves were so light and soft that they are perfect to wear for those upcoming long hot summer days.

As Hijabi women, we have the distinct honor of carrying the banner of Islam. When people see one of us, they see a Muslim woman. Therefore, it is only right that we dress correctly in a fashionable manner. I really believe that being Hijabi doesn't mean you become colorblind and lose your sense of fashion.

As summer rolls by, a new season also begins. Lucky for us, long loose dresses are still in fashion and will continue to be for the rest of the season. I would like to suggest a couple of outfits that are modest, easy to assemble, and make you look like you just came off a Hijabi runway in Qatar.

 A key thing to remember is layering. Layer your clothes, but don't layer them in such a way that you look ten pounds heavier. Rather, layer your clothes so that they actually look like one piece. Attitude is also something we all need to remember. Your clothes should be a part of your unique personality.

Look Number One (if you are tad bit of a daredevil):


It is a Diva portrait top that is long, loose, and can be worn with a black long sleeve top underneath. It goes well with skinny jeans, some black pumps, black Hijab, and some really cool Aviators. If you want to go all out, you can wear a couple of thick bangles to complete the look. And of course, don't forget your little black clutch.

Look Number Two:


This outfit is for one of those days where you want to look good but are just too lazy to spend half an hour gazing into your closet and which can easily turn from a day look to a night look. Once again, the top consists of a white sleeveless dress that falls a little above the knees with some hint of shimmery black sequins, which can be worn with a black shirt underneath. Add wide-leg jeans, some cute flat sandals, and to complete the look, a white shella, and a white faux leather satchel. Voila! You have an outfit that can be turned into a night look by changing the flats to pumps, the satchel to a black clutch, and the white scarf to a black one.

Remember, your clothes represent who you are. When somebody sees you, the first thing they notice is your style of dressing. So dress right, and go out there and represent!

Author of this article: Marziya Kaka
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