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Introducing the Islamic Insights Style Watch

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Go through your closet!Observing Hijab doesn't mean you have to look frumpy and colorless. But no one said wearing a neon scarf and using four colors of eyeshadow at once is the way to go. When do you cross the line from incorporating current fashion trends to calling undue attention to your appearance?

Deciding what to wear as a Muslim sister can be tricky at times, but the Islamic Insights Style Watch is here to help! Together, we will organize our closets, do a bit of shopping, and put together looks that are modest and affordable.

Every two weeks, Style Watch will bring you a selection of tips and ideas from the top style blogs and magazines targeting Muslim women. We promise to bring you what we find to be the best modest-clothing blog advice out there. We'll do this keeping in mind that lasting style is what is important, not the latest fads. After all, everyone's on a budget these days, and it doesn't take a huge wardrobe to look presentable. We'll show you when a basic scarf you already own will do, and when you may want to consider updating with a shawl in the color and print of the season, if it's appropriate for Hijab-wearers.

No Room for Rejects!

In this first Style Watch, Islamic Insights asks you to examine your closet. Separate your items into those things you will only wear at home, and things you will wear outside. The clothing for outside is what we're concentrating on here.

Before putting any item in that pile, make sure to try it on and see if it really fits you well, if it drapes your chest, hips, and behind modestly: dresses, wide-leg black pants, loose-fit khakis, straight-leg or boot-cut dark jeans, all the loose tops that reach at least mid-thigh, long cardigans and jackets, slit-less skirts (you can wear your shorter tops with these if the look works), and so on. Ignore your accessories for now. Just concentrate on the big pieces, including coats and Abayas.

Is your favorite ethnic tunic beautiful to look at but too tight at the hips? Is your skirt showing off your curves from behind? Check all these things out in the mirror, and have a strict eye. Fine, you spent a lot of money on that sweater, but it turns out that it isn't actually long enough to wear modestly with pants. Set all your wardrobe rejects aside, to pass on to a younger relative or to wear inside the home.

Take note of the colors and style you have chosen to keep – do most things match your taste? If there are any weird items you know you'll never wear, add those to the reject pile too. And don't feel bad if most of your closet ends up in that reject pile, because most of us tend to wear only a small portion of our wardrobe anyway, no matter how many clothes we own. From now on, impulse buying is forbidden by Style Watch. Anything new will be carefully considered before it is bought. It must have a modest fit, it must go with at least three other items in your wardrobe, and finally, it must be on sale.

Next Time

Style Watch covers the essential items and colors your wardrobe should have to be in vogue all year round. Stay tuned!

Author of this article: Aliyyah Rizvi-Bokhari
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