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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Don't Blame the Hijab!

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Ninjabi Comic!This week, Style Watch is thinking about hair. The warm weather is here, and it's time to put away the pashminas and choose a lightweight scarf and cotton-blend underscarf to cover that hair.

However, a sticky summer day can result in a bird's nest by the time you get home, with tangles and fallen strands. But don't blame the Hijab! It's how it's worn that's key, in addition to how you take care of your hair. Here are some tips for handling that hair and minimizing breakage under scarves.

The Hijabtrendz site recently explained that a sister should put her hair up in a strong clip or bun. The blog also suggested using the "smaller piece from the al-amira Hijab (see examples here) or some other underscarf to tie around your hair. These help reduce the slipperiness so that your scarf doesn't slide off your head."

Another hair issue which comes up all year round, not just in summer, is hair loss. Have you ever pulled off your shayla and underscarf and found strands stuck to the underscarf? Don't worry, it's normal. If it's excessive, you may need to look into conditioning your hair better.

As the We Love Hijab blog explains, "Wearing Hijab in and of itself will not cause hair loss. If you experience hair loss or breakage upon starting to wear Hijab, there are underlying reasons…Sometimes we might think that wearing Hijab gives us an excuse to be lazy with our hair, but we have to take care of it whether the world sees it or not." Check out the rest of's blog post for lots of great tips!

A few more points to keep in mind: Very fine silky hair will not take well to a silk scarf without some kind of underscarf or headband underneath, as the scarf will constantly slip around. Remember to only put conditioner on the strands (which is what it's for), not on the roots, as this will cause buildup and possibly even dandruff on the scalp.

Style Watch advises you to buy underscarves (one dark one and one light one are all you really need), analyze your hair-care routine, and give your thirsty strands some much needed moisture!




Author of this article: Aliyyah Rizvi-Bokhari
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