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The Never-Ending Denver Broncos Saga

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Mike Shanahan was fired by Broncos owner Pat Bowlin
I'm not exactly sure where to even begin with this. There are so many bad moves that led the Denver Broncos to this one point, it's really hard to know who is actually at fault. But when it doubt, we should always start from the beginning.

Just when I thought it would be impossible to find any worse a coach then Al Davis, and Jerry Jones, I am blindsided by one of the stupidest moves in NFL history. Pat Bowlin, Broncos owner since 1984, proceeded to fire long time and future Hall of Fame coach Mike Shanahan. Though the season started off strongly, it tapered off due to poor defensive play. The Broncos literally had no answer on defense and had 30 or 40 scored on them by everyone. Yet they had one of the highest scoring offenses in the league, which by the way was Shanahan's specialty. Instead of firing the defensive coordinator and rebuilding the entire offense around their two star defenders (upcoming Elvis Dumervil and future HOFer Champ Bailey), Pat decided to "fire" one of the greatest offensive minds in the League. Then he makes another huge mistake in hiring Josh McDaniels from the New England Patriots, and we all know how amazingly trustworthy they are. Spygate, anyone?

From there, McDaniels makes his first stupid move by trying to trade from New England QB Matt Cassel, which blew everyone's mind, considering you have a young franchise, recent Pro Bowl QB who threw for over 4500 yards and 23 touchdowns. Did I mention he went to the Pro Bowl? Yeah, why would you want him to lead an already amazing offense? Trying to trade for the one hit wonder Matt Cassel was truly an extraordinary idea.

Fine, what's done is done, water under the bridge; let's move on to bigger and better things, right? They got Chicago's 2009 first and third round pick, 2010 first round, and the wonderfully consistent Kyle Orton! Good for them, right? Problem solved, worked out for the better? Yeah, let's try again. The only thing Kyle Orton has proven during his five years in this League is that he can play better then Rex Grossman, which, if you follow football even passively, you will know is not saying much. He's slower, much less accurate, has a weaker arm, and, not to mention, is a few years older; so the Broncos will most likely look to the draft for a QB.

Their primary focus before the Cutler dilemma was defense, and rightfully so. The Broncos were 29 in the League in total defense, giving up 375 yards per game. They were also terrible on third down, giving up a 44 percent conversation rate. They were also dead last in turn over ration at -17 (meaning they turned the ball over 17 times more than they took it away). But now they have to waste not only their first round draft pick but also Chicago's draft pick and a little bit of extra something in order to move high enough to get the only QB that really fits their system: Mark Sanchez.

Some will say that this was a good thing. McDaniels handled it the right way, and that he has shown the locker room who is the boss of the team, and that now the players will respect him more. I beg to differ. I believe that he has created a huge rift in the locker room, and that he better find a way to win this season or it might come crashing down on him. They only way I see McDaniels keeping his job is if he takes the Broncos to five consecutive playoff berths and a Super Bowl appearance/win. Without that, McDaniels is going to have a hard time keeping his job, and Bowlin is going to be hard pressed to find a reason not to fire him.

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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