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Super Bowl As It Happens

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Steelers celebrate their sixth Super Bowl win
First Quarter

The Super Bowl starts off with the Cardinals deferring to the second half. This means the Steelers will start off with the ball. I think this is a great idea for any team, because if you're behind in the second half, you have a chance to catch up. If you're ahead, then you can get even further.

The Steelers have come out throwing and throwing well. Hynes Ward catches a 38-yard catch, Heath Miller another 28, putting the Steelers on the one-yard line.
Wow, what an amazing stop by the Cardinals! I was about to start yelling if they hadn't challenged that call, because you could kind of tell.

The Cardinals have come out weakly. They ran five plays and were forced to punt…and the punt was terrible. The Steelers are moving the ball very well again. This quarter is been all about the Steelers.

Second Quarter

Steelers are on the one-yard line, and Gary Russell seemed to run it in with ease. The Cardinals need to answer with a touchdown; otherwise, this game might get out of hand. The Cards are starting to move the ball, and things are starting to flow. Edgerrin James for 5 yards, Steve Breaston for 7, and things are starting to roll.

And it finally happens! Going 20 minutes without a catch, Boliden catches a great one and runs for 45 yards inches away from the touchdown line…a better block by Fitzgerald, and he would have had a touchdown. And an ease patch and catch from Warner to TE Ben Patrick for the TD.

After a few good runs and throws, Arizona had the Steelers stopped on a 3 and 12...a huge catch and run for 22 yards to Holmes! Called back for a hold…

The Cardinals get the ball with amazing field position with a 34-yard return from Breaston…let's see if they can do something with it.

And they can't! These penalties are really holding the Cardinals back.

It's funny how they keep talking about Fitzgerald not having a catch, but you can kind of expect that, considering everyone is going to be on him making sure that it isn't Fitzgerald who beats them.

Great defensive play by Brian Robinson tipping the ball into the air, and from there it's just an easy tip drill. They have the ball on the 22-yard line. Let's see if they can keep their head in the game and not make mental mistakes.

On 3rd and 10, Warner dumps it off to Hightower, a very athletic running back, and turns a 4th and 10 into a first down…amazing run!

Finally, Fitzgerald got into it with an 11-yard catch-and-run running a quick slant, and James running into the flat opened things up for Larry. They are going to have to move Fitzgerald around more to get him open. And using Bolden on two quick passes, they get another quick first down. Now it's first and goal at the 3.

Steelers bring the Blitz, and Warner throws the ball at the wrong person…James Harrison with great blocks takes it 100 yard for a touchdown. But they might have to take a look at

this one, because he looks like he was down, down.

Just a bad decision by Warner, but a good play by Harrison faking the blitz but going out into coverage and picking it off… then with some speedy running and good blocking, he runs it 100 yards. Let's see if it's a touchdown.

It's officially a 100-yard touchdown! But as I said in the beginning, they will get the ball in the second half so they have a chance to get closer. If they still move the ball the way they have been in the first half, they should be able to stay in this game.

This has been a pretty exciting first half; hopefully the second half will not disappoint.

Third Quarter

Good run to start the second half taking it out to the 24 yard line. A good mix of run and pass should be key in this series.

After a 4-yard catch, Bolden seems to have a shoulder problem. This could be a huge loss for any team, but Breaston gives them a good back up choice. They seem to be having some success with the run, with James grabbing an easy 20 on three plays.

One thing I've noticed is that the Steelers are some of the hardest hitters in the League. They are really pounding the Cardinals. But the protection for Warner has been outstanding thus far, considering the Steelers are one of the top sack teams in the League.

As soon as I say that, they get some good pressure on Warner, and he turns it over again. If the Cardinals keep this up, they have no chance of coming back. Warner is a veteran and has to do a better job of protecting the ball in these kinds of situations…taking the sack, just don't turn it over, especially when the team you are playing against is the Steelers.

Lucky break for the Cardinals, as it was reversed. And since the Cardinals won both challenges, they get a 3rd challenge. They have to put so the Steelers have a good chance of running away with it, but they have to get some kind of points here. Again, the flags are killing the Cardinals, being forced to give up 21 yards on one play.

And the Steelers are slowing down the game and just the way they like it… pounding it, pounding it… and when they get into the 3 and 1 situation and they expect a run, they throw to Ward for 8 yards. And right after that play, again another huge roughing the passer penalty.

They are in field goal range now and are in good shape to put some points up. And here comes Parker! With an amazing block from Heath Miller closing off that side, Parker has a lot of space to run pickup 15 to the 5 yard line.

After a few stops, it's 3rd and 9. The Cardinals have to hold them to 3, and they do in a big way bring heavy pressure, but they couldn’t get the sack. At least they held them to 3 making it a 2 position game. And this time, it's Adrian Wilson that screws it up with another personal foul…you can't give any team this many chances and expect to come away with a win.

But Wilson got lucky, because if they Steelers had scored a touchdown, he would be beating himself up tomorrow. So the Steelers pick up the field goal, and it's again a two score game: manageable but not in a position the Cardinals want to be.

Fourth Quarter

It looks to me like the Cardinals WR seem to be getting some separation now, but again these flags are really keeping them out of it. Now instead of a first and 10, they had a 2 and 19, then 3 and 12… and that's not something you want to be in. Now they are punting, and the Steelers are in good field position.

On second and 4 on the 50 yard line, the Cardinals stop them for a 4 yard loss; let's see if the Steelers can convert…and that sack is huge! Exactly what the Cardinals needed in this situation, that was a good momentum swing.

Even though there are 11 minutes left in this half, I think the Cardinals should start thinking about the hurry-up offense. It has helped them in the past, and this game has slowed down to much; they need to speed things up, save time, and score points quickly.

They didn't go into a no-huddle, but they have come out passing, gaining some huge chunks, and doing a quick huddle.

And now they have started the no-huddle after a good rush by the Steelers and the Cards only getting 4 yards. But things seem to be moving pretty well… the very next play, Warner throws a great pass to Arrington for 22 and Fitzgerald for another 20, plus a holding penalty.

The Cardinals have moved the ball to the 10-yard line and are threatening to score… they need to get the ball to their best receiver in this situation. Fitzgerald is known for making spectacular catches in these situations. They have two tries for the end zone; one of those has to be a toss-up to Fitzgerald in the end zone.

Well, 3rd and goal at the 1 after a good pitch and catch from Hightower. And this is it… this is huge for both teams! The Steelers need the stop, and the Cards need the touchdown.

The Steelers need to bring the blitz here and really pressure Warner in order to disrupt any pass; the Cards should either run with Hightower or throw to Fitzgerald… either way, you aren't losing much.

And as I said, Fitzgerald can really get up there and get the ball. There really isn't anyone who can get up that high to defend him…good catch…he's a lot of fun to watch. That ball wasn't even thrown that high…great concentration!

Now that the Steelers have the ball back, they need to do the exact opposite; they need to slow the game down, run as much as possible, keep Warner off the field, rest the defense, and run.

But sacks aren't going help the Steelers. That's another reason the run is so important, since there is less of a chance of a turnover, and that would hurt the Steelers a lot in this situation.

But on a 3rd and 16th, Miller could only gain 10 yards… and Berger punted 47 yard to the Cardinal 25, with 6 minutes to go.

Now the Cardinals are down 6, and they need to keep the ball as long as possible this time…eat up clock, but still move the ball. I think whoever has the ball last will win this game.
They are taking the same approach going no-huddle, and right now it seems like a good idea with a 23-yard gain for Breaston. Maybe Ken Whisenhunt believes in his defense.
Because of a holding penalty, the Cardinals are back in the situation that's been hurting them the entire game… second and long third and long… they need a good play for this. And he gets hit as he throws, and the pass is incomplete… now they are on the 36-yard line. Do you punt or kick the field goal? They decide to punt, and it's a good idea, because they have downed it at the 1. This is turning into an intense game.

So the Steelers have come out throwing from the 1-yard line, and it's something I don't understand… their strength is running, this is a running situation, and yet they want to pass… they might regret it.

Wow… and just when you think they get a huge first down, they were called for holding in the end zone. You know what that means? Safety!
This is a big blow to the Steelers, but it doesn't mean anything. The Steelers are a very good defensive team and have played well in the second half… let's see if they can keep it up and hold the Cards to no points.

And we all knew that it was going to happen sometime. You can stop him and bump him for hours, but he only needs one play to get loose. And he really makes the Steelers pay. 64-yard catch and run for a touchdown, and they speed out running everyone.

The Steelers have the ball at the 21-yard line and only need 3 points to tie. With two minutes, the game is not even close to over. Their kicker is good, and a 50-yarder shouldn't be much of a problem…so I think if they can get to the 35, they should be in great shape to at least tie.

With 1:56 left and 3rd and 6th, the next two plays are critical. In this situation, running the ball would be great. You have two timeouts and 2 downs to get a first, so get as much as you can on the run, take a timeout, and then get the first. Let's see what they do.

Good catch by Holmes, and a huge first down a gain of 13 yard. They are throwing and throwing well. Going into the no-huddle, they are moving the ball… but the rush is getting to Big Ben… wow, and with Ben buying some time, he throws a great pass to Holmes, who is very shifty and creates some great lanes and runs it down to the 6 yard line. Can the

Cards D hold up?

First down.

Incomplete pass to Holmes on a corner route.

Second down.

Touchdown to Holmes, and the very other side tiptoe catch in the end zone.

And with 35 seconds, Arizona has to make up a lot of ground if they have any chance of winning this game.

They need 77 yards in 29 seconds. They have two timeouts, but they'll need more than a prayer to come back in this one.

They tried; they moved the ball about 40 yards, but in the end, Warner is sacked and the Steelers have won their sixth Super Bowl! The first team ever to win six Super Bowls…and what a game it was!

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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