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Red River Rivalry

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Longhorns celebrate after a two-point conversion.
There I was – I had begun to lose all hope. Oklahoma had taken a 14-to-3 lead, and there was a little ray of light by the name of Jordan Shipley. After scoring their last go-ahead touchdown, Texas kicked it off to the four-yard line, where Jordan Shipley returned it 96 yards for the touchdown. This touchdown wasn't the game winner, but it sure kept Texas in the mindset that they could win this game. But the Texas defense just didn't seem to have an answer for Sam Bradford, who threw for 5 touchdowns and 385 yards and who kept making the throws, making Texas secondary wish they had never left high school all throughout the first half.

In the second half, Texas seemed to catch a very lucky break, when OU leading tackler Ryan Reynolds seemed to reinjure his knee that he has been having trouble with his entire career. But the biggest momentum shifter seemed to come when Oklahoma tried a bit of trickery. On 4th and 4, they decided to fake a punt and try to run it in, which was quickly spoiled by the Texas special teams. From then on, Texas proceeded to score OU 25-7, making this year's Red River Rivalry game quite the upset. It was everything we expected it to be, from bobbling touchdown catches to leaping from out of nowhere and making a spectacular catch. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the officiating they made with a few big calls that could have blow the game wide open, but they weren't partial to doing it to a certain team. So both teams suffered blown calls.


Pacman Jones is in trouble again. After coming off a one-year suspension for his extracurricular activities, you would think he would finally understand that he has very little slack left on that leash of his. But in his defense, it was a personal matter that was blown out of proportion. If a player like Larry Fitzgerald or Brett Favre was in the same situation, it probably would have made headline news like it did for Pacman. But he has to understand that he must be careful about what he does, and even if it is not his fault, he can't put himself in that kind of situation. But players these days are getting away with a lot. For instance, Chris Henry has had multiple offenses and altercations with the law. He's been suspended, he's been fined, and he's even been kicked off the team. But after all that, the team resorts to re-signing him because they didn't have great depth behind their injured starters. The Bengals' actions are just telling him that he can do whatever he wants and not have any repercussions. I think that Pac and Henry are at two completely different levels and that the commissioner should take a harder look at Henry and his future with the league.


Manny Ramirez – what a difference maker one man can be! He has brought the Dodgers from being a team that no one expected to beat the Cubs to a team that totally swept them. They have had a bit of a slow start in the first two games but have stayed competitive. I believe they still have a good chance of "flying" right through the Phillies and making a run at the World Series. Boston has had far too much fun these past few years with the Patriots, the Sox, and that soccer team of theirs. I think their fans need to come back down to Earth. You can't win everything, you know. The Patriots pretty much personified that last year. I'm praying that Boston follows suit.

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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