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Oh Plaxico, Where Will You Go?

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Where will he go?
After his widely publicized shooting (of himself…), Plaxico Burress was swiftly cut by the New York Giants as soon as the offseason began. But New York's quarrels with the talented, but troubled, wide receiver start well before this incident.

Burress Timeline (

June 11: Burress disrupts the first day of Giants minicamp by saying he won't practice until he receives a contract extension.

Sept. 4: Burress signs a two-year extension shortly before the Giants open their season against the Redskins.

Sept. 24: Burress is suspended and fined over $235,000 (later reduced to $117,000) for missing a practice and not calling to explain his absence.

Oct. 24: The NFL fines Burress $45,000 for criticizing officials and throwing a ball into the stands after their Week 7 win over the 49ers.

Oct. 26: Burress is benched for a quarter against Pittsburgh for missing treatment on his injured neck.

Nov. 16: Burress pulls his hamstring in a game against the Ravens, and then re-aggravates it a week later against the Cardinals.

Nov. 28: Burress is declared out for the upcoming game against the Redskins due to the hamstring injury.

Nov. 29:'s Jay Glazer reports that Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg at a New York nightclub the night before.

Dec. 1: Burress is charged with two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon following the incident at the nightclub.

Dec. 2: In response to the charges, the Giants fine and suspend Burress and place him on the non-football injury list, ending his season.

March 31: Burress' court case was adjourned until June 15.

April 3: New York Giants release Burress.

Even before this season, a lot of people questioned his work ethic and credibility in the locker room. So where does that leave him now? With a possible 3 ½ year jail sentence forth coming, who is really willing to take the risk of picking him up? The ideal place for Burress is New York, but since there is absolutely no chance of him returning to where he won his first Super Bowl ring, we'll take a look at where else he is coveted. There are four teams that have the need, or habit, of making stupid moves, and those teams are the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears, the Washington Redskins, and the Dallas Cowboys.


Detroit really has a need everywhere, but they could really use a veteran wide receiver that has Super Bowl experience and can be picked up for cheap. They really don't need a number one position wide receiver, which Burress is, because they have that in Calvin Johnson. But Johnson has never had the experienced mentor presence that Burress would bring to that position. Also, Burress can be another WR that the Lions QB can trust. Last year, Calvin Johnson had 1045 more than the next WR on the Lions Squad. That is not a typo, Johnson's stats for the season were: 1331 yards and 12 touchdowns on 78 balls; the next highest hard total was by Shawn McDonald at 332 yards and a single touchdown on 35 balls. Is it just me or is there something wrong with that picture? The thing is, Johnson isn't just that good; the other WRs are just that bad. Burress can demand a constant double team that will help the running game, help Johnson produce at the level he should be producing, and help the QB find more targets.


Chicago also has a strong need for a wide receiver. Their problem isn't really a lack of talent; they have their share of mediocre receivers that will get them to where they need to go, but for them to be elite, they need to find Jay Cutler that one WR who he can throw to in any situation. The problem with Devin Hester is that he doesn't have good hands. He's vastly improved in his ability to reading defenses and run routes; if he can do a better job with catching the ball on deep routes, Cutler will be able to get it to him every time. Rashied Davis is a good number two wide receiver. He should stay there, and they can move Hester to the slot where his speed can be utilized the most, and with the addition of Plaxico as the number one receiver, they will have the right mix of speed and size that can take them deep into the playoffs.


The Redskins could also use a WR, not because they are bereft of talent at the position, but because they have way to must speed and absolutely no height. Their top two WR are both under 5' 11'', and their tallest WR is 6' 2'' but lacks the talent to use his height to his advantage. The addition of a 6' 5'' Burress would do wonders for Jason Campbell. Just knowing that he can throw it up and have someone as tall is Burress come down with it will be amazing for his confidence and make him that Pro Bowl QB the Redskins are hoping for. Not to mention it will take Coach Jim Zorn's offense to a whole new level.


This is the stupid move I was referring to in this article, but for some reason, I'm sure Dallas is at least going to inquire as to how much he is willing to sign for. It wouldn't be the worst move they have mad, but with the release of Terrell Owens, they need a quality number once. You're all wondering about Roy Williams. Well, I don't think he can be the number one. He just doesn't have the work ethic required, and that's why he was a bust last year. Speaking of TO's release, let me tell you why that was a stupid move. Not only do they lose one of the best WRs is the game, they also lost 10 million plus in salary cap space for this year. On top of that, they are playing him 10 million dollars to play for another team, who is also paying him another six million dollars. This release was a win-win for him; he gets his money, he gets a newbie QB who he can control whichever way he wants, and he gets to be the main focus of the team. What does Dallas get for that? Hmm…a better Tony Romo? Less of a distraction in the locker room? More of a chance for others to step up? Come on, let's not fool ourselves Jerry Jones, I think it's time to retire and move on to better things. As long as you're still holding on to the reigns, your coach can't be a coach, your players can't be players, and the Dallas Cowboys will not win another playoff game.

Anyway, back to Burress, he will bring a veteran presence that was lost in the TO release, he will be a go-to guy for Tony Romo, and he might be able to teach Roy Williams how to run routes. But overall I think this would be a really bad move.

The first three teams could really use Burress. He would benefit them a lot, and especially since he cannot demand the kid of money he would if the shooting incident hadn't occurred. The best fit for him, I should think, would be the Bears. They have a strong defense, an amazing running back, a pricey QB, and all that's missing is a good WR to make them an elite team. Could that WR be Burress?

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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