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NBA Trades and NFL Week 11 Preview

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Allen Iverson will be a Nugget no more
Shockwaves were felt through the NBA last Monday when word reached that the Detroit Pistons sent Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb to the Denver Nuggets for Allen Iverson. President Joe Dumars of the Detroit Pistons had vowed changes after the Pistons' disappointing departure from the Playoffs last season, but as the offseason went on, it seemed as if no changes would be made. From a basketball standpoint, let's examine the deal.

Ever since the Nuggets traded Allen Iverson, they have lacked a true point guard. Not only that, having Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson on the same team never seemed to click because of the high volume of shots they both require. Trading away Allen Iverson will allow the Nuggets to run their offense through Carmelo Anthony, allowing Anthony to take more shots per game. The Nuggets get a solid perimeter defender in Billups, something they have really lacked in the past seasons. Billups' effects on the court will be noticed, but off the court his leadership qualities are something the Nuggets desperately need. This deal definitely makes the Nuggets a playoff team in a deep Western Conference.

From the Nuggets' standpoint, this deal affects them from a basketball standpoint, but from the Pistons' standpoint, this deal affects them from both a basketball and financial standpoint. Since the 2005 NBA Finals in which the Pistons lost in seven games to the San Antonio Spurs, the Pistons seemed to have lost their hunger and desire to return to the promised land, so breaking up the core made sense. Ever since the Cleveland Cavilers found out a way to shut down Chauncey Billups in the Eastern Conference Finals two seasons ago, Billups has not had success in the Playoffs. The Pistons are a team predicated on guard play; if their guards struggle, they usually struggle as a team. Adding a scorer like Iverson gives the Pistons a go-to scorer that they have lacked in the past two seasons in the playoffs. At first trading, Antonio McDyess seemed to be a huge loss, but McDyess finalized his buyout with the Denver Nuggets that will make him a free agent. With McDyess being bought out, he is now expected to re-sign with the Pistons.

From a financial standpoint, the Pistons will be nearly 35 million dollars under the salary cap at the end of the season. What this does is it allows the Pistons to be big time players in the 2010 Free Agent class. That class includes players such as LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudamire. Usually trades come away with a winner and a loser, but it seems that this blockbuster trade helps both the Denver Nuggets and the Detroit Pistons in the short term and long term.


The week eleven schedule is marked by key inner divisional battles that will determine playoff positioning and most importantly division titles.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots (Thursday 8:15 NFL Network)

The AFC East is wide open, and no team has separated itself from the pack. In the past, the Patriots have owned the Jets. If the Jets want to prove that they are divisional contenders, this is a must win. In week twelve, the Jets have to travel to Tennessee to face the Titans, making this a critical two-game stretch. Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel has improved as the season has progressed. How Cassel finishes the season is a clear indication of whether the Patriots will be contenders or pretenders. Home field advantage should play a key role in this game.

Pick: Patriots over Jets

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (Sunday 8:15 NBC)

Earlier in the season, the Redskins went into Dallas and upset the Cowboys. The Cowboys seemed to be the NFC East favorite early in the season, but that title has now gone to the Redskins. Tony Romo is expected to play after being out for nearly a month with an injured pinky. Without Romo, the Cowboys offense has been very stagnate. This game is a must win if the Cowboys want to have any chance of winning the NFC East. The Redskins Cowboys rivalry is the best in the NFL and always a treat.

Pick: Redskins over Cowboys

Author of this article: Ali Maki
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