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MLB Playoff Race, Unexpected NFL Victories

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Holliday, left; Young, right
MLB Playoff Race

The playoff race in the MLB this year is as tight as it has ever been. In fact, last year's one-game regular season playoff is not a farfetched thought for this year as well. The AL Central has the tightest race for a division, which separates the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox by .5 games. With only a handful of games left, this is as tight as a division race can get. The other close race for the playoffs is the NL wildcard race, which is between the New York Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers. They are at the moment deadlocked for the last playoff spot in the National League. This race is the one I expect to have a one-game playoff because of how even these two teams are. Unlike the Chicago and Minnesota battle, which should be determined in the next few days because they are playing each other in a series, I believe New York and Milwaukee will have more twists and turns due to the fact they will not be controlling each other's fate.

Now who will win? This question on paper is very easy to determine. The New York Mets with all the star power were favorites to win their division easily without fighting for a playoff spot. However, New York now has some help with strength of schedule, because the Brewers must now face the Chicago Cubs, who are arguably the best team in Baseball. The Mets will face division rival Florida, who will play all-starters to play spoiler. The Cubs will play all-starters as well, so that being said, New York has an easier task in front of them and I believe will win the final National League playoff spot.

Whatever happened to the Rockies – last year's Cinderella story, winning 20-21 games to enter the playoffs and taking command of the national league! They won their way to an unlikely World Series appearance, only to be swept by a much better and more experienced Red Sox team. This year, much to the surprise of everyone but Coloradoans, the Rockies came out in a bit of a slump. Their hitters couldn't seem to hit, and there pitchers seemed to having a hard time pitching. This slump seemed to stay with them through the entire season. Through injuries seemed to heal and their all-stars like Holiday seemed to play better, they dug themselves into too big of a hole. They all but squandered any chance for a repeat Cinderella performance.

NFL – Undefeated?

Cowboys, Bills, Broncos? Titans? Who'da thunk it?! Out of these teams, no one expected to see such strong performances from the Broncos or the Titans. The Broncos have won their game with stellar offense; Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have become an unstoppable connection, going for an average of eight, catching 107 yards a game. Their entire offense has put up 38 points a game. However, they haven't played anyone worth mentioning, and their defense has giving up huge leads. For this reason, I don't see the Broncos making a huge push in the playoffs, but it gives a lot of hope for the future.

Putting up 41 on Oakland and 39 on San Diego is no easy task. The Titans have also been a bit of a surprise. Their defense has played tremendously well, even better than last year. The pieces seem to be in place on the defensive side. Their offense on the other hand needs a lot of help. They seem to be missing a quality wide receiver, one who can stretch the field and can be counted on not the drop the ball (which seems to be a huge problem for their current wideouts). Look for them to fix this problem soon; with a healthy Vince Young on the wing, they could go deep into the playoffs this time around.

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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