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Michael Vick Goes to Philadelphia

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Michael VickWhen I was first preparing to write this article, it was going to be about what a smart idea it would be to pick up Michael Vick this off season. But as I was preparing to submit my article for the week, lo and behold, the Philadelphia Eagles swoop in and pick him up for a very cheap one-year 1.6 million dollars contract with a team option of a second year worth 5.2 million. But the greatest thing about this is that none of the money is guaranteed. If he doesn't make the team, he doesn't get paid, but he will definitely make the team. Vick brings so much more to the offense and special teams than you could imagine.


Vick has always been known for his blazing speed at the QB position. In 2006, he broke out for 1039 yards rushing becoming the first QB in NFL history to do so. He has always been great at finding openings when things break down, and he is one of the hardest players to take down in the open field. In specials teams, as a kick/punt specialist, Vick can use his speed and vision to bring the Eagles some much needed boost.


Back-up Quarterback

He has passed for over 11,000 yards and 71 touchdowns in six years; he has led his team to countless wins and playoff appearances. He has been to the Pro Bowl three times and is known well for his powerful arm. He is more than a capable QB if anything should happen to McNabb, and if he works hard this season to learn the system, he can play well enough to go deep into the playoffs.


Sure, the man has never played a single snap at receiver at the NFL level, but think about the distraction he could be. He would be great off the screen; he could use his speed to get open in short routes in the slot position. Though they probably won't use him at the receiver position for more than two or three snaps a game, if that, but they could definitely get some big plays with him in the mix.

Trick Plays

Vick would be great in trick plays. Considering he is a proficient QB, he can be used by the wide receiver. McNabb sends a quick pass to Vick behind the line of scrimmage, which would leave someone running a fade route open, and Vick, being a QB in this league for six years, is more than capable of putting it on the money.

Wild Cat

This is the best thing about picking up Vick this off season. The wild cat formation is apparently the new craze in the NFL. In the shotgun, Vick gets the ball, now he has the option to hand it off to Westbrook, run it himself, or better yet, fake a run and pass it off for a huge gain.

Picking up Michael Vick is very good idea for a few reasons. He can give your offense a whole new dimension, especially now that he is a backup QB and is, for lack of a better word, expendable. You can put him pretty much anywhere and not worry about hurting your starting QB, you can even have him cover kicks if you want, though that wouldn't be a very good idea. For 1.6 million dollars, Vick is a steal, and he has all the same credentials that landed him a ten-year 100 million dollar contract in his stint with Atlanta, with only a little added rust. He is an all-pro/Pro Bowl QB who made a bad decision and has no prior offenses. He is a low-risk reward investment, because I can guarantee you that he will not make another mistake again, however minor it maybe.

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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