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Trades and Acquisitions around the NFL and NBA: Part II

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Peyton Manning and John ElwayThe top acquisitions in my mind are: Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush, and Monta Ellis, which we discussed in the first part of this article, and Peyton Manning and Remon Sessions, which we will discuss here.

Trades and Acquisitions around the NFL and NBA: Part I

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Monta EllisMonta Ellis is one of the NBA's great young players. He is quick, on point, a great assist man, and averages 24-3-5.5-2 (pt-Ast-Reb-Stl), which are very good numbers for a point guard. He also averages upwards of 40 minutes the last couple of seasons.

Don't Waste My Saturday Night!

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Real performance or silly theatrics?This year's Dunk Contest was more pathetic than I could have imagined. There was serious lack of creativity, and it seemed like they decided which dunks to do right before they went out on the floor. There were multiple instances where the participants did the exact same dunk.

Lockout Lowdown

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What have been the consequences of the NFL and NBA lockouts?

Even though both leagues came out of the lockout in relatively good time, it had a big impact on how certain teams played throughout the season and may have been the ultimate deciding factor on who started off well and who didn't.

The Rise of the Bowl

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The bowl takes its name from the shape of the stadiums.The Bowl Series began with the completion of the new Rose Bowl Stadium which was mainly built to host the Annual Tournament East-West Football game, which was soon renamed as The Rose Bowl game.

Let's Just Ball Already: Part I

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What are the reasons behind the lockout?

So what's the deal here? What is keeping the players and the owners from reaching a settlement on this contract which will define the NBA for the next 10 years? Well, we could say that it is a lot more than just money on the line here is some cases, but then again in most of these cases, the root cause is money. Here are some of the "need to knows" about the NBA Lockout.

Mohammad's NFL Midseason Report

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NFLIn the past five seasons, the most games the Buffalo Bill won in a season were seven games, and last season they were a lowly 4-12. So we can easily say that the 4-2 record is possibly the biggest surprise of the season.

History of Sports, Part VIII: American Football

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An early game of college footballThe concept of a professional game can first be traced back to 1892, where a man named William "Pudge" Heffelfinger signed a 500 dollar contract to play for Allegheny Athletic Association against Pittsburg Athletic Club. A short 30 years later, the NFL was created and soon become the major league in the United States.

The History of Sports, Part VII: Volleyball

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An early game of volleyballThe name volleyball quickly came around when Alfred Halstead noticed how the ball was volleyed back and forth during the game. The game quickly caught on and became known as "volley ball" (two words).

History of Sports, Part VI: Field Hockey

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Hockey during the Middle AgesThere have been so many stick and ball games throughout the history of man that we haven't been able to pinpoint exactly where hockey started, but we know that the modern game of field hockey started being played in English public schools in the 19th century. The modern game is known to have been developed by Middlesex Cricket Club.

Fantasy Football 101

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 How does it work?So now that we have talked about reality, let's talk about fantasy. Fantasy football to be exact. This is for those fans who go beyond just watching football, but living it. I've personally been playing fantasy football online for about six years, but it has been around long before the advent of computers. Though I was skeptical about the idea at first, once I got into it, there was no turning back. Though fantasy football can seem foreign to outsiders – especially my wife, who doesn't seem to get why I'm so down on some Monday mornings – it is actually pretty simple to understand.